Rob Duncan has withdrawn his candidacy as of October 10. The reason for this is the possibility that, amazing as it may seem, reactionary hate group founder Stephen Hammond could win as a result of (1) vote splitting on the left (with a number of left or center-left candidates on the ballot) and (2) lack of vote splitting on the right. A Hammond victory would indeed be a dark day for Victoria. On close consideration of other candidates’ platforms, I was struck by the close similarities between my housing platform and Mike Geoghegan’s (check it out for yourself: www.votemikeformayor.ca). Although the terminology differs in some cases, many of the underlying ideas are essentially the same. When Mike agreed without hesitation or reservation to adopt my childcare platform (something I’ve been campaigning for for more than five years), that was the deciding factor for me and I decided to endorse Mike. I am incredulous that Victoria voters would support a candidate like Hammond, who a couple of years ago founded the reactionary hate group “Mad as Hell” in response to homeless people in Victoria trying to assert their human rights. Despite this, the media has pegged Hammond as a possible winner, something I am motivated to prevent by any means available to me. It’s this danger, combined with the parallels between my housing platform and Mike’s, which has led to my decision. So I have withdrawn from the race and I am urging my supporters to vote for Mike Geoghegan on October 20.

October 10 press release:


VICTORIA, BC, October 10 – Dr. Rob Duncan, candidate for Mayor of Victoria, has withdrawn from the election campaign and endorsed candidate Mike Geoghegan.

“My primary motivation for running,” said Duncan, “has been Victoria’s housing crisis and the lack of policy addressing it, and Mike’s housing platform is remarkably similar to the one I’ve been promoting during the campaign.”

In addition, Geoghegan has agreed to adopt one of Duncan’s most important platform planks, creation of a municipal affordable childcare program for working low-income single-parent families.

“I see a close correspondence in terms of values between Mike Geoghegan’s campaign and the campaign I’ve been running,” Duncan explained, “and I’m confident Mike is a solid progressive candidate of the kind Victoria needs.”

“I’ve also been impressed that Mike Geoghegan has run a positive campaign that stands in stark contrast to the negative Republican-style campaign run by Stephen Hammond. As a dedicated anti-poverty activist for the past couple of decades, my conscience tells me that Stephen Hammond just doesn’t have the best interests of the community as a whole at heart. To me, it’s obvious that Mike is by far the best choice for Mayor of our city. I therefore ask all my supporters to vote for Mike Geoghegan for Mayor on October 20.”



Victoria is in the midst of a HOUSING CRISIS, with real estate prices soaring to prohibitive levels, a rental vacancy rate next to zero, and increasing numbers of people living in shelters, tents and vehicles with no hope of finding housing. Victoria’s multifaceted housing emergency is the primary focus of Rob Duncan’s campaign for Mayor of Victoria, and Rob has an array of different strategies and solutions for energetically addressing the different aspects of the crisis.

To volunteer: 250-857-6091 / duncan4mayor@yahoo.com


The present provincial government promises to invest in social housing and appears willing to regulate runaway real estate, but this government could fall at any time and be replaced by one much less interested in these things. We are in a window of opportunity calling for prompt action by an energetic Mayor and Council with a productive can-do attitude. Fast action is needed on a number of fronts, and the time is now.

Rob is proposing policies and solutions on a number of other issues of concern in the City of Victoria as well as housing, including regular CITIZEN’S ASSEMBLIES (with an annual PARTICIPATORY BUDGETING component) to improve the functioning of the democratic process in Victoria, a municipal LIVING WAGE program, FARE-FREE BUSES with designated BUS LANES and transit signal priority during rush hour, actively promoting the development of a WALKABLE COMMUNITY, a MORATORIUM on further construction of SEPARATED BIKE LANES until design flaws and safety problems are addressed and until usage increases, actively advocating and supporting the establishment of WORKER-OWNED CO-OPS in Victoria, and a municipal AFFORDABLE CHILDCARE program, beginning with a program for working single-parent low-income families and expanding from there depending on the availability of funding.

EMAIL: duncan4mayor@yahoo.com

PHONE: 250-857-6091

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/Rob-Duncan-468675526878534/   (or search “Pages” for Rob Duncan)